“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”  – Robert Brault


I am not a fan of snakes, in fact, many know that I am quite afraid of those darn snakes. Ever been bitten by poisonous snake? I can’t say that I have but, I know that many have. Sometimes, that venom that is released after the snake bites can be quite deadly. What is needed if you ever run into this sort of thing is an antidote that counters the harmful venom and helps restore you to health.


Negative feelings can seem quite powerful at times; much like a poisonous venom that infiltrates your mind and leaves you feeling yucky. You know those feelings: overwhelm, despair, frustration, depression, those sorts of feelings. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had an antidote for such situations?


Well, actually we do. Science has proven that gratitude can be a very powerful energy. In fact, research has shown that something as simple as writing down five things you are grateful for only once a week can boost your happiness by up to 25%!


Don’t believe me? Then do it right now. Sit down and write down five things you are truly grateful for. And then watch as your happiness grows.


Gratitude, acting like an antidote, can be used in the midst of a bout with those darn negative feelings. Here is an example of how to use gratitude like an antidote in the midst of those situations: The moment you become aware that a cloud of yucky is floating into your day, (step one) step back and take a deep breath, and then (step two) simply look around you and notice things you are grateful for.


For example, right now I’m grateful for the beautiful sunny day, the wondrous beauty of the trees around me, my wife and kids, my eyes that help me see, my heart that beats for me, and so much more.


That’s a simple method to use gratitude as an antidote in one of those sticky yucky situations.


So, gratitude can be used to increase your happiness by simply once per week writing down five things you are grateful for. Plus, you can use the power of gratitude to help you recover from a bout with negative feelings.


We have a choice. Those tiny little things in our lives can be either be taken for granted or appreciated.


It’s impossible to be in a state of gratitude and in a state of misery at the same time. Don’t believe me? Then try it!


So, the next time you are struggling with that cloud of negativity, take a deep breath and turn on the gratitude!

Now is the time for practice. What tiny things do you appreciate? And then live from that place.



Chris Swenson is a licensed Couple and Family Therapist currently helping people deal with the negativity in their lives at his private practice counseling office in Sterling, CO (Rhino Wellness Center). To contact Chris, you can call 970-522-0796 or schedule an appointment online at www.rhinowellnesscenter.com