He sat in his room and felt so alone. He struggled to breathe and other times wondered if he should even keep on breathing. It was incredibly draining for him to pretend to be ok. He wanted to cry, but refused. He felt like he was drowning. His life seemed as though it was shattered as he was standing between darkness and it’s blackest corner. This was not the path he ever thought he would be on.


It wasn’t always like this. Just a short time ago, he was quite happy and filled with life. However, something happened that shook him to the core of his very being. He progressively got even worse and finally hit rock bottom! His reality had become a nightmare!


It can seem quite lonely and dim at rock bottom. You wonder why everyone else seems to be living a normal life and you just can’t. It just doesn’t seem fair!


There is no button that you can push to reset your life or your circumstances. Soon you will come to find that hitting rock bottom is that reset button.


Two things that truly motivate people to make changes in their lives are inspiration and desperation….rock bottom serves as great desperation. Yes, a negative emotion is not all bad. Desperation is a very powerful energy and force that can be used to change your life for the better. The challenge is learning to direct that energy.


Where does this powerful energy come from during one of our darkest hours on earth? It actually comes from within! Even though you may feel like you have been stripped of everything around you, you have not lost the ever powerful energy of your spirit within you. Without considerable training, many of us are unable to tap into this energy without first having to hit rock bottom.


Navy SEALs go through Hell Week during their training. This week is designed to strip them of their physical and mental capabilities. Many quit during this period of their training. However, the ones that make it through have done so because they have now learned to tap into that ever powerful energy from within and have developed the ability to deal with psychological discomfort.


Being at rock bottom closely resembles being in a cocoon. Within this cocoon you are going through many painful changes that will eventually lead to shedding the cocoon and a birth of a new you! Rhinos have developed the ability to use and cope with psychological discomfort. In other words, they have the ability to navigate whatever life throws their way, positive or negative!


Hitting rock bottom can be a difficult time. However, it is not the end. Rather, it is a new beginning! If you are currently going through a rather difficult time, then it is time to stop suffering and begin healing towards a new you. You can begin that healing journey by reaching out to a trusted helping professional that will help you navigate the difficult waters of life.


Many people every day serve as an inspiration to others because they too hit rock bottom and emerged from their cocoon a better person. Someone is going to lift themselves up from rock bottom and become an inspiration for others, why not you?



Chris Swenson is a licensed therapist who helps people overcome and face life’s most treacherous challenges. His office is located in Sterling, CO. For an appointment please call Chris at (970) 522-0796.